Test 1

Test results of smoke testing at our in-house testing display.Test 1 Perry Air Micron Graph

The small particles (BLUE) are for greater than 1⁄2 (.5) micron. The large particles (RED) are greater than 2.5 micron.

NOTE: This period (.) is 100 microns!!!

The units displayed are particles per 1/100 cubic foot. (about a cubic inch).

  1. Smoke is admitted into the test chamber with the filter electronics turned off.  This simulates the standard fiberglass filters installed on most HVAC systems.

  2. The particle count is slowly reduced much like a Standard Filter as the particles settle to the testing display surfaces.

  3. At 17,000 particles the electronics are Turned On.

  4. Note the rapid drop in particle count Our Filter.


Test 2

Testing was performed on five homes and one medical office complex with two floors.  The results below indiciate real world environments.

Perry Air Particle Testing